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Skills and mentoring for the community champions of Hull & East Yorkshire

Running from: November - December


Nominate your Community Leaders

Do you know someone doing something great in their local community? Would they benefit from meeting other community leaders? Nominate them now for free training.

Deadline for Nominations: 6 November 2018


Community champions are everyday people who do extraordinary things for their communities and those around them. From November to December, a cohort of twenty will go through a programme of skills training, with access to mentoring from senior social sector leaders.

The programme will consist of five skills workshops, each of which will train participants in the fundamental leadership skills that enable success at a grassroots, community level. The training will give community champions the skills and confidence to grow and scale their organisations and impact.

Time Commitment - 15 hours


The programme is open to individuals who lead voluntarily at a local community level. Applicants should have experience leader teams and project involving volunteers. They should also have ambitions to increase their impact, potentially through scaling or expanding their project. 



Please express your interest below to be notified when sign-ups open. Interested applicants are encouraged to express their interest in the programme now. 

Key Dates:

  • 17th Nov 10-2pm

  • 22nd Nov 10-2pm

  • 28th Nov 10-2pm

  • 6th Dec 6-9pm