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What is HEY100?

HEY100 is a Clore Social Leadership initiative that, throughout 2018, will provide free leadership and management training to the voluntary, cultural and community enterprise sectors in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Supported by the Big Lottery Fund, The Rank Foundation, Arts Council England, and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch), the programme has been developed with and for social and cultural leaders in the region.

Who is running HEY100?

HEY100 is a Clore Social Leadership programme. Clore Social Leadership is a charity committed to social change. We find and develop leaders with a social purpose so that they can transform their communities, organisations and the world around them.

In addition to HEY100, we run a number of national leadership development programmes and have a community of over 150 social leadership Fellows. To find out more visit our website.

HEY100 has been developed by Clore Social, working closely with our steering group and partners.

Is HEY100 just one programme?

No. HEY100 consists of five programme strands, each geared towards a different ‘type’ of manager or leader. Click here to find out more about each of the five strands, here.

How much does HEY100 cost?

Thanks to our funders, taking part in HEY100 is free for participants. Participants, or their organisations, will only have to pay for transport to-from programme activities. (these will be all held in East Yorkshire, including Hull)

What kind of skills will the HEY100 programmes cover?

Many leadership and management programmes and courses focus on training for specific skills and organisational functions, such as marketing, finance and business planning. These are often called technical skills. The HEY 100 programmes, New to Management and Community Champions especially, will include some technical skills but are focused on developing personal and relational skills. The three key areas covered by all the programmes are:

-Knowing yourself, being yourself and looking after yourself (self awareness)

-Understanding context

-Working with and through others

The programme will also help guide participants to understand where their technical skills gap might be and how to work on mastering them.

How much time do I have to commit to HEY100?

Time commitments vary from programme to programme.

Emerging Leaders: This has the most time commitment at 1 day a week across 6 months which includes the 5 face to face days, plus additional activities which can be built around someone's diary.The additional activities include coaching, a group challenge and action learning sets. There is a one week secondment which is also calculated in the 1 day a week calculation.

New to Management and Leadership: 6 face to face days plus self-directed work outside those days.

Masterclass: 7 evening sessions plus preparation and reflection activities before and after the session

Trustees: Online with activities which can be done in someone’s own time around current commitments. Once a month one hour online live Q&A sessions.

Community Champions: 5 Face to face opportunities plus additional activities and support around these 5 days.

Find out more about each strand by clicking here.

How do I apply to a HEY100 programme?

All applications are available online via the HEY100 website. We actively support applications from people with seen and unseen disabilities or additional needs. Anyone with additional needs can contact us via email or via telephone for alternative ways to apply.

All programmes require a formal application to be completed and they will be assessed and a selection process will be undertaken. All unsuccessful applicants will be notified. All successful applicants will need to complete an agreement when accepting their place on the programme.

When are the application deadlines?

Deadlines vary - please refer to individual programme pages for application deadlines.

Am I eligible for a HEY100 programme?

Specific eligiblity criteria varies from programme to programme. However, participants must be working in Hull or East Yorkshire for a registered charity (including CiCs and co-ops), social enterprise or cultural organisation that has a clear social purpose. For the Community Champion programme, we encourage applicants from unincorporated community organisations.

What is the selection process like for HEY100?

All applications will be judged on the merits of the answers on the application, so it’s really important that people applying to the programme take the time to think about their answers. Applicants might want to review the questions and complete a draft on a separate document, which can then be copy and pasted into the online form. The form cannot be returned to once it has been started.

The application process is competitive and it is likely that there will be more applications than places available. The places on the programme will be offered in the first instance to people employed or in a formal capacity, such as being a trustee of a social or cultural organisation. Freelancers, consultants or people connected in another capacity, such as volunteer, are still welcome to apply to the programmes, but with the awareness that places will be offered to successful applicants employed by social and cultural organisations first. Community organisations who have no formal trustees or employed staff are an exception and should apply for the community champions programme.

In the event that one organisation has multiple applications to a programme, it is likely only one applicant will be successful. This is to allow as many organisations as possible to benefit from the development opportunities. It is a required part of all the programmes that individuals take their learning back to their organisations and share the learning as far and wide as possible. The best leaders grow and empower other leaders. We will support individuals with ways in which they can successfully bring the learning into their organisations.

What happens if I'm unsucessful?

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified and kept informed of any other opportunities that become available throughout 2018. Examples of opportunities include networking events, panel discussions, access to leadership development resources and e-learning.

How do I choose which programme to apply for?

Applicants will only be accepted onto one programme, in addition to the trustee programme (if they are a trustee in addition to another role in a social or cultural organisation) It is possible that an applicant might have multiple roles. They could be a trustee of one charity, employed by another charity and support their local community. In this situation they may be eligible for multiple programmes. We advise applicants review the programme content, application criteria and reflect on their own management and leadership needs and previous experience to decide which programme is for them.

Things to think about when making the decision:

How much time can I commit?

What programme is likely to have people on it who will have similar experiences to me, who I can learn from, who will also challenge me and who I can share my knowledge and experience with?

Which programme will stretch my current knowledge and give me new insights about how to do things differently?

What qualification will I gain from a HEY100 programme?

Participants will receive certification of completion on completion of our programmes. Participants on the Emerging Leader strand will join the nationwide Clore Social Leadership Fellowship.

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