A four-month programme developing key management skills. 

Running from: August - November

Upcoming session: 23 October, 9:30 – 4:30


Applications for the New to Management programme are now closed. The programme is currently in progress. 

Taster Session on 15 May

This is an optional session and an opportunity for you to gain a deeper insight into the New to Management programme. The day will run from 10-2 at a location (TBC) in Hull, and will be an opportunity for you to experience a taster of some of the sessions on the New to Management programme, chat to course facilitators, ask any questions you might have and get advice on your application. 




The New to Management programme is an exciting development opportunity for the future leaders of HEY’s social and cultural sectors.

From August through to November, a cohort of twenty-four new managers will be trained in the skills and techniques of effective management.  Participants will also be introduced to the foundational elements of social leadership, and be challenged to develop solutions to some of the challenges facing the social and cultural sectors in HEY.

Topics covered on the programme include, but are not limited to: giving and accepting feedback, developing strategy, motivating and inspiring teams, delegating responsibility and adjusting to change.

The programme will consist of six one-day face-to-face sessions, spread out over the course of three months. Sessions are full-day (9:30-4:30), and will be supplemented by activities to complete during the gaps between sessions. All in all, participants will be expected to commit 72 hours.

New managers will come out of the programme competent and confident in their management ability and will be connected into a peer support network of other new managers in the local area.  

Time Commitment - 72 hours in total, with six full day face-to-face sessions. 


New managers are those who have anywhere between 0-3 years experience in managing a project or team in the charity, social enterprise or cultural sector. They may work full-time or part-time.

They will be excited by the prospect of driving social change and have aspirations of being a leader in the future.

A taster session will be held on 15 May to provide new managers an opportunity to learn more about the programme. RSVP here. 


Applications for the New to Management programme are now closed. The programme will commence on the 13th of September.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to fill out the expressions of interest form now.  

  • Applications open: 11 April

  • Taster session: 15 May

  • Applications close: 29 May

  • First session: 13 September

  • Second session: 14 September

  • Third session: 9 October

  • Fourth session: 23 October

  • Fifth session: 13 November

  • Sixth session: 27 November